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The Big 4 Oh

Candice was a plain woman in a dead end office job creeping from one no-where relationship to the next.  At least, that's what her friends saw.  She was completely trapped in her routine, living like the walking dead.  Furthermore, her impending significant birthday was fast approaching... Luckily, her good friends decided to raise her spirits by giving her a life-changing gift.  They pooled their resources and purchased for her a make-over, a shopping spree and a 6-week session with a personal trainer!   

Candice was shocked by their generosity but accepted the gifts... And began to rediscover herself!  The training was hard!

The nutrition and diet education was harder still!  But she was determined! 

Finally, after the 6 weeks, she was ready to go to the make-over, where her wilder side came out in a lovely mane of thick black hair, lush lashes and even a cute little mole. 

Her friends weren't expecting, however, that part of their shopping spree would include a few piercings!  Candice was truly becoming her own individual self!  But it wasn't 'til she completed her shopping spree that she revealed her wild and wicked side! 

"Thank you so much!" she purred!  "I simply never had the courage to embrace my own desires and let the real me out!"  She hugged all her stunned friends and then said, "And please, from now on, call me Candy."


Candy was made

She has squeezed herself into a vinyl catsuit that laces up the back.  Thigh high boots compliment the suit along with peaked, vinyl wrist bands.