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So, who is she, really?  How did she come to be?

Seian-cage.jpg (121140 bytes)

Seian is a very personal project for me, she's my opposite.  In fact, her identity is in her name: Sexually Everything I Am Not.  And so she's done everything I would never do... but could imagine.


Seian-coat.jpg (118077 bytes)Obviously a natural blond from her fur and nose color, Seian has experimented a lot with hair color, dying (using only natural dyes of course) and styling her locks any way she fancies.  She also is fond of changing her eye color with contacts.

While she's all for eating right and exercise, when she realized nothing she could do would change her body shape, she didn't hesitate booking surgery, and went all the way!  Thinner legs were a must, as were side darts and a tummy tuck.  And what to do with the removed stuffing?  Why, she had her breasts enhanced, of course, but was careful not to have them over-done!

Most noticeably, however, are her many tattoos.  Each one has a story and meaning:  Seian-back.jpg (113010 bytes)


The spider-web and spider on her back represent lost time, and regretting the things she DIDN'T do.


Spiraling around itself, the serpent on her breast with it's silver tongue issnake-tattoo.jpg (137991 bytes) rich in meaning, as a Wican symbol of wisdom and as a Christian symbol of the Fall.  Obviously, Seian has embraced the snake.  You can just see the snake's head peaking out from under her top.


heart-tattoo.jpg (113924 bytes)

The heart with bat wings on her thigh represents her untamed and unbroken heart.

knife-tattoo.jpg (89980 bytes)



The dagger in her back is the only tattoo she sometimes regrets: it was done one night on an angry impulse to have a visible mark of two friends' betrayals.

flower-tattoo.jpg (103188 bytes)

The cute little purple flower with the green bead on her lower back/butt is for her best friend, a symbol of Seian's friendship and willingness to compromise as she doesn't like purple and green together (that's why the tattoo is located where it is, so she doesn't have to see it!).  You can also see her tail piercing here, a stud with a purple rose.

spider-tattoo.jpg (114925 bytes) The spider on her butt was done as a symbol of Black-widow style danger but was also a bit impulsive:  it was the first tattoo she had done using a new experimental technique where "gems" are imbedded in the skin.  Obviously the technique was a success and was later used for the flower and the pea.

green-tattoo.jpg (100429 bytes)

The vine growing up between her legs symbolizes her strength and connection to the Earth.  It's only partially visible growing up from under her thong.  On her inner thigh, the pea with its twisting and twining feelers... this is a very person symbol of sexuality for her and is located on a very person part of her anatomy.

Her belly-button piercing is a silver loop with a variegated green teardrop.

rat-tattoo.jpg (143006 bytes) Finally, the sweet little rat face peaking out from "behind" her left breast is a personal symbol for truth, in regards to the Pied Piper.  You can also see her fantastic eyes beautifully here.


Of course, she has a nipple piercing as well.  But that she'll keep private.




Seian was created as sort of a purge of all these bizarre, distracting ideas.  While I certainly don't agree with surgery and have no tattoos or piercings of my own, it was fun to create her and have her embody my "alter ego".

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