Good and Bad Faery Masquerades


Okay, okay, so you want to see the costumes?!  They were incredible, intricate, imaginative...

On the Friday night, we attended the Good Faeries Ball, where white and pastels, colorful wings and smiles flitted about the hallways and ballroom.



Note the water container and the styro cups:
these were in every corridor throughout the hotel, a very welcome and handy treat, and very thoughtful of the organizers!









Me thinks the scantily clad young pixie got her dates mixed up!  :)









Wings everywhere!  Not the most practical thing in a crowd, let me tell you!!








Three bands performed on that first night:


our favorite, SJ Tucker otherwise known as Skinny White Chick from the band Tricky Pixie, was amazing with her story-songs!

and then Woodland


Unfortunately, we just couldn't hang on and went to bed before the third band came on... ah well.






Mom made a splendid good faery, and so did I!























The Bad Faery ball on Saturday night had even more imaginative costumes and spectacles, although of a sometimes sinister nature, very cool!






Everything had a darker tone on this night, and the costumes sometimes were a bit risqué.


















There was, of course,
room for a pair of scarecrows...


...but they didn't have any effect on this frightening fellow!









Apparently this was Toby Froud, standing something like 8 feet tall and embodying a steam-punk nightmare of a creation!










(It took me a while to figure out why the costume felt so familiar... Only when I flipped through one of my books on the plague did it finally click:  Here's a drawing of a "plague doctor" from the 17th century.  During the Black Death, doctors wore such outfits believing themselves to be protected.)  



He was, of course, good-natured enough.

                 LOVE the claws!







It was noticeably more crowded then the Good Faeries Ball...


...and a bit 













more interesting!  You never knew what you might see around the next corner!





Mom and I fit in quite nicely, although Mom's gorgeous wings were a bit of trouble, snagging everything.  



















(Notice the well-dressed fellow with the tail behind Mom!?)





And we had to fetch straws from the bar to drink while wearing our masks!  It was kinda comical...







It was a magical night!



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Photos by us or borrowed off the FaerieCon website or its facebook